Using Open Source and Open Standards to Enable Transformational Government

30/09/2008 - 19:00
30/09/2008 - 21:00

The Hawthorns, Woodland Road, Clifton, Bristol

Transformational Government is intended to be an intensive, structural and fundamental change in the operational processes of Government bodies, enabled by the use of Information Systems & Technology in the back-office. It is expected to deliver major efficiency savings across the public sector without any further investment beyond existing budgets.

What does Transformational Government look like in practice within a Local Authority? How can it be implemented without any additional funding? How can intensely technical subjects like open source and open standards contribute to business change? Gavin Beckett, ICT Strategy Manager at Bristol City Council, will attempt to answer these questions and give an overview of Bristol's successes and challenges to date.

Gavin has been a central figure in Bristol's strategic use of Open Source and Open Standards since 2002; was a founder of the Open Source Academy; and works actively with a variety of EU interest groups and government bodies on the adoption of ODF.