Spring School: Introduction to ITIL & Making the Business Case

03/03/2014 - 18:30
03/03/2014 - 21:00

Venue: University of Bristol lecture theatre 1.11 in the Merchant Venturers Building

Speakers: Brian Scott and Maggie Kneller

This is the first talk in the ITIL Spring school. See the main article for the complete school program. Booking and payment is required.

Introduction to ITSM, ITIL, ISO 20K and the lifecycle

Service Management has been adopted by many thousands of companies worldwide, but what is it?
Fundamentally, it’s a way to manage the delivery of IT, focused on the customers perception of IT’s contribution to the business.
This short introduction to Service Management will explain the key concepts and features and will give attendees sufficient information to understand and build upon the essentials. We’ll begin with what the industry is getting out of Service Management, move on to explain ITIL® and ISO20000 in some detail and then finish with a brief look at other linked topics.
The talk will cover…

  • ITIL
  • ISO20000
  • COBIT and Lean

Making a business case for ITIL

This talk will aim to explain how IT services provide business value and why good IT service management is really important to unlock this value. It will explain how ITIL and other best practices have helped organizations worldwide to maximize value from their IT investments. Maggie will look at how to recognise when IT service management is being practised well, and when it is in need of improvement. You will learn how to identify and resolve some common mistakes and benefit from some quick wins.

Brian Scott, SMSG Chair
Brian Scott is a service and system management IT consultant and director at Service Management Connect Ltd. Over 25 years IT and Telecoms experience including 20+ years MoD in various posts in the UK and abroad covering Service and System Management engineering and operations. The last 5 years experience have been in industry, covering solutions and implementations for large managed service projects’, toolsets, process and people.

Maggie Kneller
Maggie has many years experience as a practitioner across all stages of the IT service lifecycle, and as a business leader. She has been an ITIL examiner for 18 years, and is author of "The Executive Guide to ITIL" and "Essential ITIL" published by TSO.