Spring School: ITIL / IT service Management

This years spring school is all about IT Service Management and the ITIL framework. The talks will be held University of Bristol , Room 1.11A, Merchant Venturers Building in the centre of Bristol.

  • 6.30pm (refreshments will be provided) for a 7.00 start
  • 7.00pm - 8.30pm talks

Mon 3rd March
Introduction to ITSM, ITIL, ISO 20K and the lifecycle

This short introduction to Service Management will explain the key concepts and features and will give attendees sufficient information to understand and build upon the essentials. We’ll begin with what the industry is getting out of Service Management, move on to explain ITIL® and ISO20000 in some detail and then finish with a brief look at other linked topics.

Making a business case for ITIL

Speakers: Brian Scott & Maggie Kneller

Mon 10th March
The Evolution of Service Transition

We have all been using change management and release management for many years, but these processes need to evolve to support new ideas and new technologies. Stuart will share his thoughts on how service transition can support very rapid change in a modern IT environment. Topics discussed will include agile, devops, continual integration and continual deployment.

People and the bigger perspective of (IT) Service management

It is common mantra, and has been for years, that (IT) Service Management is about “People, Process and Technology”. Technology is where IT folk love to focus; ITIL, COBIT and the rest have made us look closely at processes; but still ‘people’ isn’t taken seriously enough. It isn’t just about skills, training and motivation, although they do matter. The real differentiator is in understanding how people view and react to services too. Realise that traditional IT skills are not necessarily the skills you need to do service management well. Step back for a moment and take a human perspective on services, measurement, responsibilities and more: you might just find yourselves approaching things a little differently.

Speakers: Stuart Rance & Ivor MacFarlane

Mon 17th March
IT service management in the age of Digital and the Cloud

‘The King of SIAM’ (Service Integration And Management)
(Using Value Chains to more effectively deliver services in the age of the cloud).
With the onset of Cloud and Utility computing the next chapter in service management will focus not on PaaS, IaaS, AaaS and SaaS per se, but on our ability to integrate and manage these services.

Speakers: Shirley Lacy & John McDermott

Mon 24th March
Maturity in IT Service Management

Using the philosophy of Lean with the practical aspects of IT Service management to drive sustainable change

Lean IT is derived from the Toyota Production System methodology and has been successfully appplied in many industries across the world. This session is my experience of using ITIL coupled with lean to focus IT Service and Operations back on the customer and work with the rest of It in a collaborative manner with provable value-oriented results.

Moving on in IT Service Management

Information Technology is continually moving forward - whether infrastructure, application or delivery model. Service Management underpins how these components combine to deliver business value. ITSM itself needs to move forward in line with these. This session will review the core concepts and structures of ITSM against these advances, and the maturity stages required to match increasingly demanding business needs for and from IT services.

Speakers: Daniel Breston & Chris Finden-Browne

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Costs for delegates: (Inclusive of VAT)

  • £40 for the 4 lectures for BCS members and students
  • £60 for the 4 lectures for non-BCS members
  • £15 per lecture for BCS members
  • £25 per lecture for non-BCS members


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