What's different about 'cloud forensics'

26/03/2012 - 18:30
26/03/2012 - 21:00

Spring School - Cloud Computing

First Speaker: James Davenport
Second Speaker: TBD

Venue: City of Bristol College

6.30pm Refreshments
7.00pm 1st Talk
7.35pm 2nd Talk

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A great deal is being said about "cloud forensics", but one has to ask how this is different from "computer centre forensics", a subject which attracts no hype, and just happens. The speaker's thesis is that the fundamental difference is organisational and motivational, rather than technical. However, he will discuss technical approaches to solving this organisational challenge.

James Davenport has taught at the University of bath since 1983, with spells at IBM Research and Microsoft Research, GMD in Germany and INRIA in France, and many European and Canadian Universities. He procured, and oversees the technical side of, the University's private cloud, and is planning a regional shared cloud. His main research areas are computer algebra and cryptography.

James's Slides

James Daverport has provided us with a copy of his slides