The most common legal and technical mistakes made in Cloud Computing

19/03/2012 - 18:30
19/03/2012 - 21:00

Spring School - Cloud Computing

Venue: City of Bristol College See Venues

Speakers: Jeremy Holt is the head of the Computer Law Group of Clark Holt Commercial Solicitors. Luke Marsden is CTO at Hybrid Logic

6.30pm Refreshments
7.00pm 1st Talk
7.35pm 2nd Talk

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Assuming that Cloud will reduce costs, increase scalability and make businesses more Agile, the talk will outline the most common mistakes (both legal and technical) that people make in relation to cloud computing and will suggest pragmatic and practical ways of avoiding those pitfalls.

Luke's talk will focus on common technical problems made when implementing cloud technologies: the mismatch between expectations and technical reality. He will cover the cloud as equated to scalability, failure tolerance, virtualisation and agility, discuss the complexities and challenges in each along with some solutions and a case study of how it can be achieved.

Jeremy has been involved in advising the computer industry on legal issues for more than 25 years For 11 years he was the secretary of the British Computer Society Law Specialist Group. He founded the Swindon Museum of Computing (the first computer Museum in the country) and is the co-editor of "The Manager’s Guide to IT Law" (Second Edition – 2011).

Luke Marsden is CTO at Hybrid Logic, a Bristol-based cloud platform startup. He has spent the last five years developing a cloud platform called Hybrid Cluster, and has spoken at events including CloudCamp and FITE club in London on emerging trends in cloud technology.

Luke's Presentation

Luke Marsden has provided us with copy of his slides.


Notes from Jeremy's talk

Here are the notes from Jeremy's talk, without the cartoons.