Wednesday February 20, 2019
Start: 18:45
End: 21:00

Venue: Peel & Hepple Lecture Theatres, School of Geographical Sciences, University of Bristol, BS8 1SS map

Speakers: Tim Whitcher, Dr. Hamid Falaki, and Andy Woods

6.45pm Refreshments
7.15pm Main Talks

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This talk is supported by WSP, University of Bristol and Siemens mobility, will explore Smart Railways and Cities and look at the current and future technology changes and why it is not an overnight transition.

The world used to be built of bricks and mortar, now it’s data and information flows – and it is only going to continue to evolve. Integration and connectedness are the drivers of change and will move our infrastructure into a new paradigm; nowhere will this be more evident than in our transport network, not least because a lot of it is comparatively archaic! This series of talks looks at where things are going, how we will get there, and what implications there are for our industry.

Tim Whitcher

Talk: Building the Triad of Connected People, Connected Transport and Connected Cities: Talk Outline: A look at what the future will hold for connected data points and how we get there.

Bio: Tim Whitcher is Solution Lead for Digital Railway. He has a background in command & control systems and decision support tools on both metro and mainline railways. His professional focus is on delivering a fully integrated, holistic solution which delivers not only the right answer now but bed-rock for the future.

Dr Hamid Falaki

Talk: Market-led Evolution: Neutral hosting of communication networks gives rise to a range of new business opportunities for vertical industries operating their own network slice and niche services within the upcoming 5G networks.

Bio: Dr Hamid Falaki is a telecommunications consultant working as technical project manager in delivery and operation of the University of Bristol’s 5GUK test network solutions for smart cities.

Andy Woods

Talk: State of Play Deep Dive: A look at the current and future technology changes and why it is not an overnight transition.

Bio: Andy Woods is a Senior Systems Engineer at Siemens Mobility. His interests lie in innovation and the digitalisation of Railway Signalling and Train Control.

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